Progress Report – October 2014

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Yet another month has flown by since the last Progress Report! As with the last one, we’ll take the opportunity to share what we’re working on at the moment.

NCCP Weightlifting Coaching and Technical Official clinics

The clinics are officially booked! The host venue will be Alchemy CrossFit and they will run December 12, and December 13-14. The clinics are open to anyone with an interest in weightlifting, though probably most beneficial to current coaches at CrossFit or chain gyms.

Technical Official Clinic Registration (December 12):

NCCP Weightlifting Competition Introduction Clinic Registration (December 13-14):



New #barbell day! That spin…

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We have a nice new IWF standard 20kg barbell to play with. A kilo set of competition plates is on its way so we’ll soon be able to train with some nice equipment (no excuses anymore!). Once there is demand we’ll look for an IWF 15kg barbell as well.

Business Planning

UToronto offered entrepreneurs a chance to take one of their business courses in exchange for blogging about the experience. Hamilton Barbell applied for a spot and got one! It’s been very information-dense and yet another load on top of a busy schedule, but I can say it has been worth it so far. There are two weeks left in the course and you can find the posts at Paul’s site,

Content, Content, Content

Still on its way! The last month has been hectic and so not as much has been released as hoped. We’re full of quotables for #motivationMonday and #wisdomWednesdays, so expect a lot more if you follow our twitter feed. With our own equipment we have the opportunity to move around and shoot promotional content ‘on location’ which will be fun – though we’ll have to move fast before winter rolls in!

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