Progress Report – September 2014

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Hard to believe a month has flown by since the last Progress Report! As with the last one, we’ll take the opportunity to share what we’re working on at the moment.

OWA Sanctioned

Hamilton Barbell is recognized as an official weightlifting club by the Ontario Weightlifting Association! This means that athletes can join Hamilton Barbell and compete in official sanctioned meets. We’ll set up a page with competition information shortly.

OPA Application

The next affiliation we are pursuing is with the Ontario Powerlifting Association. Athletes do not need to be a member of a club in order to compete, but we feel there is benefit to being part of a team that can support the competitive experience.

NCCP Weightlifting Coaching and Technical Official clinics

Hamilton Barbell is organizing both coaching and technical official clinics in Hamilton this December. The host venue will be Alchemy CrossFit. The clinics are open to anyone with an interest in weightlifting, though probably most beneficial to current coaches at CrossFit or chain gyms.

Coaching Certifications

It turns out the qualifications for full certification are more stringent than previously thought. Prospective coaches will have to put together a coaching portfolio for 4-8 months, which is then reviewed by experienced coaches. Only once that is complete can one be ‘Certified’. Hamilton Barbell fully supports the NCCP pathway because it demonstrates the quality required to progress through the system. We expect to have fully certified coaches by the end of the year.

Content, Content, Content

We’ve been hard at work creating informational content to promote barbell sports and resistance training. The first is a free PDF which will be sent out directly to youth groups and high schools, and also be available on our website. We’ve also set up our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) so with our laptops, smartphones, cameras and mics, we’ll be sharing our love for barbells all over the net.

Business Planning

Hamilton Barbell is officially a registered company. Its path is still unclear but it was a necessary step in order to protect the business’ name. We have a basic business plan underway as well as a marketing/branding strategy but we’re still learning as we go along. UToronto is offering entrepreneurs a chance to take one of their business courses in exchange for blogging about the experience. We’ve applied for a spot – as you can see we don’t mind sharing our experiences as we grow – and we’re always glad to accept help.

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