Progress Report – August 2014

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Hamilton Barbell is still very much a fledgling idea, but the ball is rolling and picking up speed. We’d like to share what we’re working on at the moment.

Registration with OWA

The application and payment for the club has been sent in to the Ontario Weightlifting Association for approval. Once it clears, Hamilton will have an official weightlifting club! This means that athletes can join Hamilton Barbell and compete in official sanctioned meets.

Registration with SportHamilton

SportHamilton is a community group dedicated to the development and promotion of quality amateur sport for all in the Hamilton community. Hamilton Barbell has applied to be included as a representative and advocate for Powerlifting and Weightlifting.

NCCP Weightlifting Coaching and Technical Official clinics

Hamilton Barbell is looking to host both coaching and technical official clinics in Hamilton later this year. Tentatively aiming for December 2014, location TBD.

Coaching Certifications

We have members actively pursuing coaching certifications – by the end of September we will have an NCCP ‘Certified’ Instructor Beginner coach and an NCCP ‘Trained’ Competition Introduction coach (both for Weightlifting) in our ranks.


Hamilton Barbell will be presenting at CoderCamp on Wednesday August 20th at The Pheasant Plucker. CoderCamp is a Software Hamilton gathering of local professionals exchanging knowledge – usually about code! This time we’ll be sharing knowledge about fitness for a demographic that spends its 9-5 seated at a desk. Tickets available for free at:


This past weekend a group from Alchemy CrossFit brought a barbell out to Bayfront Park and threw together a few fun workouts. It caught a bit of attention and smiles from passers-by. It was a great time and hopefully something that we can organize on a more frequent basis.

Financial Planning

All of this so far has been achieved with minimal financial input from each individual towards their own initiative (certification, club registration, website, etc.) As we look to host larger events for the community, we’re looking to evolve in such a way that Hamilton Barbell can sustain itself financially. To that end, a big thanks goes to Hamilton Economic Development for their help and guidance as we navigate those waters.

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